Mansour Khajehpour, Interim Pastor

Mansour Khajehpour was born in Iran into a Muslim family. When he was 13 the Islamic Revolution took place in his country. At age 14 he journeyed the Hajj Pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. When he was a 15 years old member of a fundamentalist family, he walked into the Presbyterian Church in Mash’had, Iran protesting the presence of the infidels. In 3 month his life changed forever as he gave his heart to Jesus Christ. After fifteen years of following Christ in Iran, disowned by family, discriminated by friends, persecuted, and imprisoned twice, along with his wife and their little daughter they fled Iran. As refugees they lived in Athens, Greece before coming to the US in 1997.

For the past two decades Mansour, his wife Nahid and their two children, Rebeka (21) and Matthew (16) have been living in different parts of the US. As a Presbyterian Pastor, Mansour calls himself first an evangelist, then a teacher, and a preacher. With over thirty years of serving Christ, now Mansour has joined World Witness serving as the Coordinator of Persian Ministries worldwide.

He loves sharing stories of what God is doing in the Persian-Speaking world and appreciates your prayers.