We desire to have lots of kids at The Crossroads @ Lake Stevens, and it is our privilege to partner with parents in the discipling of their children.  While scripture gives that responsibility primarily to parents, we believe that the church community should take an active role in coming alongside parents and assisting them wherever possible.
To that end, we have an intentional stance towards children - not by removing them from what we do on Sundays and throughout the week, but by including them.  We believe that it is essential for children to grow up participating, to the fullness of their ability, in the life of the congregation in order to equip them to engage in congregational life both now and as adults someday.  Far too often children are involved in parallel events to the life of the congregation and never learn to be a part of a congregation, thus leaving them to enter adulthood trying to figure out how to be a good church member with very little to go on.  We desire for the children of The Crossroads @ Lake Stevens to be equipped for a lifetime of service to Christ and fruitful involvement in a local church body.
For young children (3 yrs and younger) there is a nursery available each week. Our kids 4 and older are encouraged to utilize the children’s worship resources that are made available for them at the guest welcome table, which you will see as soon as you walk in the front doors. We also offer children's sunday school classes during the school year before the worship services.